Today we offer many things other than building custom made machines. Our plant is suitable for a variety of assignments, which includes mainly mounting but also simpler production. Many of the assignments are performed by automating the work, such as rolling, spot welding, bending and assembling.

Because we are highly skilled engineers, we have several assignments that involve assembling machines in small or larger numbers. We can participate in the design phase and we can be responsible for purchasing components.

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We have a well-equipped plant for mounting both small and big details. Technically simple or complex. Please contact us if you want to discuss your needs.

Machine Installation

We can take on both simple and complicated assignments that involve mounting machines. As a customer, you can deliver all of the components to us or we can help you with the purchase of components and technology that is to be included in the machines.


As at part of our offer we perform easier processing of metal parts. This may involve one or more steps that needs to be done manually or automated.