Custom made machines

Magnetteknik builds custom made machines in widely different areas. We have built machines for wire bending, surface treatment and varnishing, assembly and much more. All assignments look different and over the years we have created strong and broad skills in both construction, purchasing and machine building that make us efficient.

Over the years, we have delivered machines of all sizes and of complexity to all parts of the world. We work with small customers as well as large multinational companies. We are quite unique in our kind and are still driven by a passion for technology and genius that will benefit companies in the form of great machines.

Our cutting edge competence lies in low-frequency induction technology (magnetic field heating) where we are one of very few players today. We are basically the only one on the market that offers complete and integrated custom machine building.

Integrated heating

Our clients often face a rebuilding or construction of an entire production line where heating is part of the process. They may have heated items in an oven earlier, but they see the enormous time gains of integrating a magnetic field heater in the production.

We have several decades of experience in participating from the very beginning and drawing custom machines for magnetic field heating in a production line. We conclude and build the machine complete with heating elements and fixtures that allow you to get a custom machine. We also build control cabinets and communication with robots that integrate the machine into the production line. Everything in cooperation with our client.

All the machines we built was delivered personally and installed by us.

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Machine Types

MFU 7-2

MFU 7-2 low-frequency heaters are developed for fast and energy-efficient heating of "gearbox parts" before EB and laser welding.

Heat: 2 x 25 kW. Weights up to 10 kg.
Normal working temperature: 150 - 200 ° C.

Low frequency induction with a working frequency of 50-100 Hz ensures good heat penetration in the material.

Two heaters are installed at GKN Drive Line AB in Köping, Sweden.

MFU Compact System

MFU Compact System is designed for fast and energy-efficient heating of rubber industry.

Heat: 10 - 25 kW.
Weight: up to 16 x 10 kg.
Normal working temperature: 100 - 150 ° C.
Heating time: 4 - 15 min.

Low frequency induction with a working frequency of 50-200 Hz ensures good heat penetration in the material. Large reduction of vulcanization time in shape.

MFU Compact System is installed for Trelleborg AB, Cooper USA.

MFU 120-250-500

MFU 120-250-500 are tool preheaters made in 3 sizes for the aluminum industry for fast and controlled heating of extruder tools and bolster. Each tool is monitored by 2 independent IR pyrometers, to ensure the correct temperature.

In addition to these 3 models, it can also be delivered in one version to build automated toolbars.

To increase the capacity of existing hot air ovens, MFU can use the furnaces and then placed in the hot air oven for heating.

 These machines are installed at SAPA, Profilgruppen, Alcoa and Chase Brass.

MFU 300

MFU 300 is a low-frequency magnetic field heater designed for fast and energy-saving preheating of large parts before ex. laser welding.

Heat: 50 kW.
Weight: 100 kg.
Normal working temperature: 100 - 150 ° C.
Heating time: 60 - 70 sec.

Two MFU 300 are installed at Arvin Meriter, one in Sweden and one in Italy. A MFU 300 is sold to ABB.

MFU 450

MFU 450 is a helicopter wrench for railway wheels. The heater consists of a conveyor belt for charging, heater and a conveyor belt for relieving. The wheels are heated to approximately 260 ° C in between 15 - 20 minutes. After heating, the wheel is transported to the unloading table, where it can be picked up for installation on the wheel axle.

The heating temperature is monitored by an IR pyrometer which signals to a PLC system. The power is controlled by an SCR device. Low-frequency technology MFU 450 provides a high quality product with low maintenance costs.

MFU 450 is installed at Bombardier UK, MTR Hong Kong, ALSTOM Romania, VR Finland, Euromaint Sveringe, DUROC Rail Sweden.


MFU 4000

MFU 4000 is developed for fast and energy-efficient preheating of special steel coils. It can shorten the boot time in production from 12-24h to 1h.

Heat: 100 kW.
Weight: up to 4000 kg.
Normal working temperature: 150 - 200 ° C.

Low frequency induction with a 25 Hz operating frequency ensures good heat penetration in the material.

Two MFU 4000 are installed for SANDVIK Materials Technology in Sweden. An MFU 4000 is delivered to Bulten Kanthal.