Low Frequency Induction

Low-frequency magnetic field heating addresses the industry's need for fast, safe and cost effective heating. Using this technology, we can save hours in warm-up time for our clients. And in addition, optimize energy consumption.

High-frequency induction technology heats the surface of a material. However, the low-frequency induction technology that we work with, efficiently heats up the entire material homogeneously from surface to core. And it goes fast. The technology is suitable for many different electrically conductive materials such as steel and aluminum. We build a magnetic core in electrode plate and two coils between which the part is clamped. It is then heated with low frequency magnetic fields from 30-1000 hertz.

We started launching this method in 1987, when the first magnetic field heater was built. Since then we have designed, built, delivered and operated special machines with magnetic field heaters all over the world.

How we build machines

We deliver machines to


The automotive industry is an important contractor where low-frequency induction heating contributes to major efficiency improvements. We have built machines primarily for the heating of gears prior to welding and laser welding.

Steel Industry

Before you can process the material in the steel sheet, it must be heated. We have built machines for sheet metal coils up to 5 tons. Such preheating takes 1h  with induction technology instead of 24 h.

Aluminum Industry

For the aluminum industry, we are primarily building solutions for heating extrusion matrices.

Rubber industry

This was where we started in 1987 when we built the first low-frequency magnetic field heater for the rubber industry. A machine used to heat molds up to several tons.

Railway industry

This technology is applicable to the railway industry, which replaces railroad wear as part of annual maintenance. We build machines for heating these wheels and have streamlined this process using low-frequency induction technology.

Other industries

Do you work in an industry that is not mentioned here? Perhaps our machines with this heating technology can help solve problems in your production. We are happy to build a machine for an industry we have not worked with before. Contact us and we look forward to hear about your needs.