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Magnetteknik International AB
Lid 20A, SE-335 91 Gnosjö

Phone: +46 370-77 02 90

Hans Krugloff
+46 70-882 26 06

Torbjörn Krugloff
+46 70-675 83 82

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Technology and genius


Magnetteknik has built machines for contractors worldwide since 1987. We sell time gains and efficiency and we are driven by passion for the yet unresolved issue. As a developer of the QuickHeater machine series, we have made huge profits in various ways for our customers.

Our headquarters and production are located in Gnosjö, southern Sweden, but our field of work is the whole world. Drawing and creating machines has been our reality for many decades and we have accumulated a great deal of competence about it seemingly impossible.

Welcome to contact us if you want to know more about how we work.

Hans Krugloff & Torbjörn Krugloff